All You Need to Know About Inter Milan

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Inter Milan has been one of the most well-established teams in Serie A. This club has had such a great rivalry with AC Milan for a long time. With such loyal fans that give total support, this team is now ready to reach the championship of Serie A 2021-2022. So, if you are still new to Italian soccer, particularly this team, then you will find out amazing facts about this club.

Facts #1: One of the Oldest Club 

Inter Milan was established in 1908. It won the first scudetto or Italian championship in 1910. The amazing achievements follow afterward.

Facts #2: The Split of the Rivalry

These days, we know that this club is the rival of AC Milan. Actually, this club was split from the rival! At that time, non-Italian people should play at Internazionale Milano. This is because AC Milan only wanted to hire native Italians. The vice president of Internazionale Milan at that time, Peppino Prisco was proud of the diversity that was based on equality.

Facts # 3: The Club’s Popular Name 

All You Need to Know About Inter Milan

This club has a famous name Nerazzurri that means black and blue. But, it is also famous with the names Il Biscione and La Beneamata.

Facts # 4: The Same Stadium with Different Name 

Rare people know that San Siro and Giuseppe Meazza are actually the same stadium! Inter Milan claimed this stadium as Giuseppe Meazza, while AC Milan claimed the name of the stadium as San Siro. The capacity of the stadium is 76,000 spectators. Nobody doubts this stadium is one of the biggest ones in Europe.

Facts #5: Never Been Kicked Out 

Some teams were once or twice relegated from Serie A. It never happens to this club. Regardless of the crisis that the team faced, it has maintained its existence in Serie A for decades. It is easy to assume that this team has such solid players and management staff.

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Facts #6: Lots of Awards 

All of those awards seem to be uncountable. There are three titles for UEFA Cups, three titles for Champions League, seven titles for Coppa Italia, and eighteen times of becoming the scudetti.

Facts #7: Special Numbers 

There won’t be any shirts with 3 and 4 numbers. They are not superstitious. Yet, those two numbers were dedicated to two legendary players. They are Giacinto Facchetti, who made 75 goals in his 630 games, and Javier Zanetti who played 618 games. Facchetti is an Italian, while Javier Zanetti is an Argentinian. Zanetti is the vice president of Inter Milan at this moment.

Facts #8: The Club for a Real Legend

Inter Milan has the first player who won the World’s Best Footballer of the Year. It was Lothar Matthaus who won this title in 1991. His jersey with #10 is now at the San Siro museum, along with other Inter Milan’s legendary players’ jerseys

With all of those facts, it is easy to summarize that Inter Milan has such a great history. Almost all its players have strong dedication for their teams, even when they are already retired.

Source: Unogoal