As Game is Very Addictive, Stay Away From It!

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Games are not something new to society, because almost all people in the world are definitely familiar with games.

Even though the game is fun, the fact, the game is very addictive for those who have been playing games for a long time, especially online games.

For students and teenagers, games are a favorite thing. Not only students or teenagers, many adults are also crazy about games.

Anyone who tries it definitely can’t stop and will continue to play the game like an addiction. This is because game is very addictive to anyone who play.

There are 2 types of games circulating among the public, namely online games and offline games. Each of them has its own fans. Offline games are games that can only be played by someone closely and directly and no more than 2 person each play.

On the other side, online games are games that played by anyone around the world. Its users are usually more than offline games

Offline games can be played only with owned devices such as a television playstation or computer.

While online games are games that can be played through computer, PS and TV devices or media, but of course by using additional media, namely an adequate internet network.

There are many types of online games and offline games, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For online games, they have a game that is currently popular including PUBG, MOBILE LEGEND, CALL OFF DUTTY and many more online games circulating among the public.

While offline games that are favorites include GTA V OFFLINE, PES, RESIDENT EVIL, and many other types. Offline games have their own loyal players or fans even though the games cannot be played simultaneously.


As Game is Very Addictive, Stay Away From It!

Game is very addictive, and that is not the only one effect you get if you play game. There are still many more bad effects of games that one can get.

Such as games make lazy, games are wasteful, games cause depression, games make temperamental and of course many more.

Actually, the bad effects given by the game are quite a lot, but the bad effects given by the game can be avoided without having to stop playing the game.

This is different from gambling which also has many negative effects.

The bad effects of gambling can only be avoided by someone only by quitting gambling itself. This is because gambling does not have a positive effect at all. The bad effects of gambling is much more than the effects of the game.

The various types of gambling currently circulating among the public are online poker gambling, online domino gambling, online qiu qiu gambling, online slot from games 138 sites and many other types of gambling that have a bad effect on a person.

Back to games, the bad effect of avoiding games can be by limiting your time to play games, which one can avoid by playing games for a maximum of 2 hours.

This is the advice given by researchers and health experts as they also know that game is very addictive.