How To Become a Poker Pro Player Based on Patrik Antonius Tips

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How To Become a Poker Pro Player – Patrik Antonius may be one of the most renowned European poker players in recent memory, with over 12 million USD in live tournament earnings, a European Poker Tour championship, and the top slot on the Finnish all-time money list.

Earlier this year, he demonstrated that he still has it after barely losing to Phil Ivey in the WPT HU Poker Championship. Now, a new video posted on YouTube by Pokerisivut delves at how Antonius ascended through the ranks to become one of the biggest names in poker. 

Make sure to watch the video about How to become a poker pro player by clicking the ‘CC’ symbol at the bottom of the video.

How to Become a Poker Pro Player

If you really want to become pro player on daftar pkv poker games, you must follow the step by steps about How to become a poker pro player in below :

1. Begin Slowly

Every poker player fantasizes of amassing a large bankroll while playing micro stakes poker, but Antonius achieved just that. How to become a poker pro player, “I started playing poker for pennies with some pals when I was 10 or 11 years old,” he explained, describing how they used to play Five Card Stud and other similar varieties.

“On a good day, I could have gotten five Finnish marks or something. That is how it all began.” Antonius then progressed to games with his fellow tennis players, steadily increasing the stakes until he had enough money to deposit online.

2. Choose the Correct Games

Did you know Juha Helppi assisted Antonius with his very first internet deposit? And that Antonius was able to transform that 200 euros into more than 30,000 euros in just two months?

How to become a poker pro player? All of this happened while Antonius was playing 1 or 2 dollars Pot-Limit Omaha and running over the table. High stakes internet games did not exist at the time, but Antonius still wanted to put himself to the test.

“The most popular online game was 30 or 60 dollars fixed limit hold’em.” “I didn’t understand anything about the game, but I started grinding and rapidly improved.” Suddenly, I was grinding an almost entirely fixed limit hold’em against some of the world’s best players.”

Antonius then progressed to no-limit hold’em, where he played stakes of 50 dollars or 100 dollars and 100 dollars or 200 dollars.

“I peered at the cash game lobbies, wondering how such massive games could ever exist!” claimed Antonius, who admitted to taking shots in 200 dollars or 400 dollars games on occasion. “If I lost, I had no difficulty lowering the stakes.” “The only way to develop is to play against opponents who are better than you.”

3. Surround Yourself with the Best.

How to become a poker pro player ? Antonius spoke frankly about his early relationships with his compatriots, especially Juha Helppi, Aki Pyysing, Jani Vilmunen, and Jani Soimtula.

“These men, along with a few others, were the core group with whom I went on my first poker excursions.” “It was quite competitive among Finns,” Antonius admitted, acknowledging that not everyone was pulling for one another’s success.

“Overall, I have so many wonderful recollections from those vacations.” Don’t Have an Ego Antonius believes that it is critical to be aware of one’s own strengths while also being honest with oneself.

“Knowing yourself and being aware of your talents and shortcomings is really critical,” he stated.

“Having an ego is terrible for you, and a lot of money is lost at the tables when players think too highly of themselves.”

4. Decisions on the River Are Critical

How to become a poker pro player ? According to Antonius, it is all about making the proper moves, particularly on the river.

“Calls, bluffs, and employing the proper bet sizings on the turn are critical, especially on the river.” Whether it’s folding, calling, or betting for value on the river, Antonius says he’s always been strong at making “all types of river decisions,” a talent that has helped him get to where he is now.

5. Don’t Be a GTO Slave

Back in 2017, Antonius told PokerNews that poker was no longer enjoyable because of the mainly robotic manner in which players approached High Roller events.

In his most recent video, he states that he never makes a poker choice solely based on arithmetic. “As long as I’m near to the mathematically accurate conclusion,” he continues, “that’s good enough for me.” “GTO is really crucial, but it may also cause your game to derail.”

6. Always Keep an Eye on Your Opponents

How to become a poker pro player with several players at live tables these days putting their heads in their phones, Antonius claims they lose out on valuable information from their opponents and end up making stupid judgments against guys they don’t even know. / Dy

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