Monopoly Casino game strategy

Monopoly Casino Game Strategy and Tips [4 Important Things]

Is it possible to play Monopoly in a Casino? For real cash? With the game Monopoly Casino game strategy this is possible. Learn how to play smarter by reading this explanation, strategy, and advice.

Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live is the market leader in live casino games. Only in Pkv Games you can get very big money.

The game revolves around a money wheel (wheel of fortune). Evolution already had a live version of that ( Dream Catcher ), but for Monopoly Live, a special bonus round based on the popular board game has been added.

Monopoly Casino Game Strategy and Tips

1. How Monopoly Works

When you first start playing Monopoly Live, you’ll see a studio with a money wheel in the center and a presenter in the middle. Mister Monopoly, the board game’s mascot, is sitting in an easy chair to the left, reading a newspaper or sipping an espresso.

Of course, Mister Monopoly is an animation, but the money wheel is real. In the Evolution studio in Riga, Latvia’s capital, the presenter spins a real wheel.

The wheel has squares with different numbers, just like the money wheel in Casino: 1, 2, 5, and 10. 

If the wheel comes to a stop on a number you bet on, you win that number multiplied by your wager (and your bet you will get back). In the case of a win, a euro bet on ‘2’ results in a payout of three euros. Simple, right?. 

However, there are also three types of special squares on the wheel: Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls.

2. Chance Card

Mister Monopoly gets out of his easy chair when the wheel lands on Chance and draws a chance card. A cash prize is available on some chance cards. You will then be awarded an amount right away. Your prize will be higher if your total bet is higher. It makes no difference which squares you choose to bet on.

Other chance cards, such as x3, have a multiplier. Your wagers will then be honored. The presenter spins the wheel one more time, and the multiplier is applied to all payouts. If you bet a euro on ’10’ and the wheel stops on ’10,’ you will win 30 euros instead of 10.

3. The Monopoly Board

When the wheel lands on one of these spaces, the bonus round of Monopoly Live begins, which is a lot of fun. However, keep in mind that you can only win if you bet on the correct square (2 Rolls or 4 Rolls).

Mister Monopoly enters an elevator and is transported to a life-size Monopoly board. A skyscraper-filled metropolis can be seen all around the board.

Mister Monopoly collects prizes on the Monopoly board in the bonus round. Each of the squares on the board has a different value. Mister Monopoly’s location is determined by a two-dice roll.

However, before starting his game, Mister Monopoly constructs houses and hotels on some of the squares. The value of such a square rises as a result of those houses and hotels.

4. The Strategy

In any casino, the minimum bet on Monopoly Live is only $0.10 per game. In the bonus round, with a little luck and a nice multiplier, you can win hundreds of euros.

Is there an ideal Monopoly Live strategy? Yes! At Monopoly Live, each bet has its own return to the player (RTP or payout percentage).

The best bet in terms of strategy is the ‘2’, which has an RTP of 96.23 percent. With an RTP of 96.02 percent, the ’10’ is right behind it. The worst bet is ‘5’, which has an RTP of only 91.30 percent.

However, let’s face it, the bonus round is why you play Monopoly Live. You could just as well play on a regular money wheel if you only bet on the numbers.

As a result, almost everyone who plays Monopoly Live will bet on 2 and 4 Rolls in each round. These bets have a lower RTP than many online slots, but they do provide a lot of excitement and entertainment.

A tip for you: if you want to bet on numbers other than the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls, stick to the ‘2’ and the ’10’.

Furthermore, there are no strategy recommendations for Monopoly Live. Because the game is completely random, you have no control over the outcome.

To sum up everything, Monopoly Casino game strategy is good for you when you want to play Monopoly live. Then, you can have a chance of being a winner.

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