How to Get Free Chips on the Pop Slots App: Your Ultimate Guide

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how to get free chips on the Pop Slots
how to get free chips on the Pop Slots

Are you a fan of casino games but don’t want to empty your wallet to enjoy them? Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to spill the beans on how to get free chips on the Pop Slots app! Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, everyone loves a little extra something to keep the reels spinning, and free chips are the way to go.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through various methods to boost your chip count without breaking the bank. So, let’s dive right into the world of Pop Slots and start raking in those chips!

Understanding the Pop Slots App

Before we delve into the strategies on how to get free chips on the Pop Slots, let’s get to know the Pop Slots app a bit better. Developed by Playstudios, Pop Slots offers a unique blend of casino games with a fun, pop art-inspired twist. You can enjoy various slot machines and even compete with friends in challenges. The app’s currency, chips, is the lifeblood of your gaming experience. Earning them through gameplay or other methods is essential to keep the excitement going.

How to Get Free Chips on the Pop Slots

Now, let’s get to the core of our discussion, namely how to get free chips on the Pop Slots. Here are some ways you can do it:

Daily Bonuses

The Pop Slots app generously offers daily bonuses to its players. Each day you log in, you’ll be rewarded with a stack of chips just for showing up. The more consecutive days you play, the bigger your daily bonus becomes. So, make it a habit to open the app regularly, even if it’s just for a quick spin. Over time, these daily bonuses can add up significantly.

Time Bonuses

In addition to daily bonuses, Pop Slots also offers time bonuses. These are extra chips that you can collect at specific intervals throughout the day. Just keep an eye on the timer in the app, and when it’s ready, claim your reward. Time bonuses are an excellent way to keep your chip count healthy while you go about your day.

Loyalty Points

Pop Slots has a loyalty points system that rewards you for playing consistently. As you play, you’ll earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for chips. The more you play, the higher your loyalty level becomes, and the more lucrative the rewards become. So, be patient and keep spinning those reels to unlock better chip deals.

Invite Friends

Who doesn’t love playing games with friends? Pop Slots allows you to invite your friends to join the fun. When they accept your invitation and start playing, both you and your friends can receive free chips as a reward. It’s a win-win situation that adds an exciting social aspect to the game.

In-App Promotions

Keep an eye out for special promotions within the app. Pop Slots often runs limited-time events or offers where you can earn bonus chips. These promotions can include contests, challenges, and more. Participating in these events can be a fun way to spice up your gameplay while boosting your chip count.

Collecting Chips on Facebook

Pop Slots has a strong presence on Facebook, and you can benefit from it. Connect your Facebook account to the game and join Pop Slots groups or communities. Many players share chip-gifting links in these groups, which you can use to collect extra chips. Just remember to return the favor and share chips with others when you can.

Online Chip Generators: Fact or Fiction?

You might come across websites or apps claiming to generate free chips for Pop Slots. Be cautious when dealing with such offers. Many of these are scams or against the app’s terms of service, which could result in your account being banned. It’s always best to stick to legitimate methods for acquiring chips.


In the world of Pop Slots, chips are your ticket to endless entertainment. With these tried-and-true methods of how to get free chips on the Pop Slots, you can keep the reels spinning without spending a dime. Remember to log in daily, take advantage of time bonuses, and invite friends to maximize your chip count. 

However, make sure you choose a trusted slot site before you decide to play. Check the site license, find out about ratings and reviews from other players. Also make sure the site has a sophisticated security system to protect your privacy data. For that, we highly recommend Masterslot Casino as the right choice for you to play.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the colorful world of Pop Slots and start accumulating those free chips today! Happy spinning!