How to Find RTP on Slots? 3 Useful Ways You Should Know

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Do you know how to find RTP on slots? When it comes to the long-term odds of winning with slots, the return to player (RTP) is crucial. RTP (return to player) refers to how much slot machines are programmed to pay out over time.

A game with a higher payback gives you a better chance of winning. As a result, you should be aware of the RTP of any game you play.

You’ll find that finding payout percentages for online slot machine games is really simple. The RTP for most internet games can be found with a simple Google search.

Unfortunately, determining the RTP of land-based devices is much more difficult. In fact, this data is uncommonly available.

Why isn’t RTP for land-based slots available?

You can’t merely Google the RTP for land-based slot machines like you can with many online slots. Your efforts will yield few, if any, results.

The issue with slots at brick-and-mortar casinos is that payout varies from one casino to the next. Instead, game creators give casinos a list of options from which to choose payout percentages.

How to Find RTP on Slots
How to Find RTP on Slots

Most online slot producers stand out because their games have a consistent RTP across all casinos. Rival Gaming, for example, will provide Spy Game at each of its online casinos, with a 95.1 percent return rate.

In the field of online gambling, there are several exceptions. For example, RealTime Gaming (RTG) offers its casino patrons the option of selecting a 91.5 percent, 95 percent, or 97.5 percent RTP for a certain game.

Payout percentages for RTG games are also unavailable. Nonetheless, the payout for the most majority of internet slots may be learned.

How to Find RTP on Slots?

For most land-based slot machines, you won’t be able to get accurate payout percentages. 

However, there are a few various approaches you can use to gain a good picture of the situation. Here are some methods for determining the RTP for slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos.

General Guesses Based on Coin Denominations

Casinos prefer to compensate gamblers who are prepared to put more money on the table per wager. As a result, they place higher RTP orders for games with bigger currency denominations.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • RTP on penny slot machines ranges from 88 to 90%
  • Nickel slot machines have an RTP of 91 to 94 percent
  • 93 percent to 95 percent on quarter slot machines RTP
  • RTP on dollar slot machines ranges from 94 to 96 percent
  • RTP on $5 slot machines is from 95 to 97 percent

When it comes to payout percentages, penny slot machines are virtually always the weakest. In terms of repayment, larger denominations ranging from a nickel to $5 are all near.

Because you’re wagering more per spin on nickel games and up, your theoretical losses will be bigger. Nonetheless, the higher-denomination machines will provide you more value each dollar wagered.

Read State Gaming Reports

You can always verify state gaming reports instead of making broad generalizations regarding coin sizes. Within a given state’s casinos, these statistics reflect the average payout percentages (or house edges) for each currency denomination.

For example, according to a Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) press release, dollar slot machines have an average RTP of 94.79 percent.

Surprisingly, the NGC publishes particular Megabucks payout information. This IGT product is the most popular slot in all of the major Las Vegas casinos, thus it deserves additional information.

These reports won’t provide you the precise payout percentage for each game, but they will give you a better idea.

Ask A Casino with Sending Email

Another approach is to send an email to a casino and inquire about their RTP for a specific slot machine.

The issue is that customer support will frequently claim that they do not have this information. However, in certain circumstances, you may obtain a genuine response.

The bulk of the time, you shouldn’t rely on this strategy. If you’re desperate to find out the RTP for specific slots like Bushi Sushi, it’s at least worth a shot. In the end on how to find RTP on slots, when you can’t find the RTP for a land-based casino’s slots, you can have negative thoughts about it. After all, you don’t have to spend much time looking for online slot payback. / Dy

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