Hot Fruits 27 Slot Review: Bet and Features (Amatic)

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You must be looking for the Hot Fruits 27 slot review, yes we know. Another classic fruit slot machine needs to join the already populated ranks of the 3-reel category, but this time the design, rather than the special features, pays homage to the past. 

It’s a slot gacor that changes pretty much everything, from how combinations form to the types of features available inside, though it’s not exactly revolutionary.

Summary of Hot Fruits 27 Slot Review

Hot Fruits 27 Slot Review

Hot Fruits 27 has 27 paylines (or ways to win, if you prefer) on 3×3 reels, as the name suggests. Every possible combination is covered, so as long as matching symbols appear on all three reels, you’ll win. 

If both top symbols and wilds appear in all of the right places, the potential appears to go up to 1,620x the stake. There is also a 2x multiplier that will apply in certain circumstances, but more on that later.

1. Wagering Options

Amatic’s system will prompt you to choose a wager for the entire upcoming spin, with a range of $10 to $1,000 available (values may differ at your online casino).

When it comes to the payouts in Hot Fruits 27, a combination that includes both wilds and Lucky 7s could pay 60x the stake on each line where it is formed. Take into account all 27 ways to win, and you could walk away with a jackpot worth 1,620 times your bet. 

If we only consider the payouts that the Lucky 7 can bring on its own, we can see that they can reach 1,080 times the stake.

2. Slot Features

The Wild Star symbol is a standard substitute, meaning it can be combined with other symbols to form combos. It goes even further, as if there are wild symbols that contribute to a win, the payout for that line is automatically increased. 

It’s not a typical multiplier, though, because it increases the payout by 1.5x, resulting in a jackpot prize of 60x, compared to the 40x that the Lucky 7 would pay on its own. Still, it’s a nice feature to have, and having a 50% boost in the game’s potential is preferable to having nothing at all.

There is one more feature here, but it only applies in certain circumstances. One of the 4 fruit symbols must cover all nine positions on the reels. If this occurs, the regular wins will be doubled. This is only true for the lemons, oranges, plums, and cherries symbols.

3. Design and Theme

Hot Fruits 27 will provide a classic experience, with most of its symbols derived from fruit machines that can still be found in pubs around the world. Despite the fact that this is a 2020 release, the graphics haven’t improved much. 

The Star Wild, as well as Golden Bells, Lucky 7s, Red Triple Bars, Lemons, Green Double Bars, Plums, Cherries, and Oranges, are among the symbols. It’s not a particularly memorable experience, and there’s nothing here visually that you wouldn’t find in hundreds of other older games.

Final Words

In the end of our Hot Fruits 27 slot review, the game may not show up to be a modern game at first glance, but the ways to win system aids in its transformation into one that is more relevant to our times. It’s an odd mix that draws from both worlds, and we expect it to appeal primarily to classics fans.

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