Maji Wilds Slot Review in 2022 (Playtech)

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Are you looking for the Maji Wilds slot review? Since the game’s introduction in October 2017, Playtech has transformed it into a slot machine with a Voodoo theme in an effort to draw in Halloween players. 

Fortunately, the slot machine that was made looks the part, with spooky pictures appearing in the majority of the symbols and with the backdrop and features also playing a part.

Best Maji Wilds Slot Review

Maji Wilds slot review has 50 lines that may make combos in addition to 5×4 reels, which is larger than the norm. There are only ordinary payouts of up to $5,000 to be earned here, but the game’s features mainly rely on wilds of five various varieties, each of which has a unique power to use.

1. Wagering Option

You make your betting decisions based solely on the line bet, which is one of 50 predetermined lines. You may start out with a minimum investment of $0.01 each line, which translates to a minimum of $0.50. Line bets of $1, which increase the total to $50, are at the other extreme of the scale.

Maji Wilds slot review doesn’t provide particularly big rewards, with the jackpot only worth 1,000 coins and coming from a typical set of symbols. The award generally cannot be worth more than $1,000 with the denomination fixed to simply $1. However, a wild-related multiplier of up to 5x might raise it to $5,000.

2. Game Features

Not by accident is the term “Wilds” included in the game’s title. Even though you’ll only see this feature in one symbol on the reels, this slot machine primarily relies on it. Any feature’s wild symbols will have pictures of a set of five Voodoo Cards on them at the beginning, with the fronts hidden. 

With up to five of these wild symbols appearing on an active line, winnings can be formed. When this occurs, they provide the greatest payouts on the slot machine, with up to 1,000 coins up for grabs. Naturally, wild symbols may also be used as a replacement and can aid in the formation of any other combinations.

Following this, the wilds will randomly change into a different kind of wild. There are five different wilds that it may become. One approach is to obtain a straightforward wild symbol from it, which is the fundamental version of the function, doing only the cash distribution and substitution.

Another wild has the appearance of an evil spirit and has the power to capture random symbols and change them into other wilds. The third feature is a Snake Wild that crawls across the reels and transforms any symbols it crosses into additional wilds.

The Voodoo Doll wild, which is the fourth item on the list, is fixed in place for the next five paid spins. The fifth and last iteration of the wild is the one with the multiplier logo. 

Until it can take part in a new combination, it remains in that position. The multiplier increases with each spin that ends in a loss and eventually can reach a maximum of 5x.

3. Theme and Design

The game has the ideal aesthetic for a title with a Voodoo theme. Starting with the eerie woodland depicted in the backdrop image, it also applies to the majority of symbols that appear on the reels. 

The poker cards serve as ideal illustrations of this concept, despite the fact that they are generally uninteresting game symbols, they are here constructed of human bones and bound together with colored string. 

The other symbols feature more of the same, including Voodoo priestesses, skeleton figures, skulls, ram’s skulls, poison bottles, alligators, and more.

Final Words

In conclusion of Maji Wilds slot review, this game is a decent slot machine with a Voodoo theme, but there are a lot of competitors with visuals that are as entertaining to look at. Playtech made a unique decision by limiting its extras to wild features alone. Find more game at nusantara77 slot site.

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